Interaction Player & Interaction Archive Player

Two players in one.

Simply by specifying a source location for the interactions to be played users can access recorded calls and screen recordings directly from the GIR environment or from an archive storage location.
The application automatically determines if the particular interaction is encrypted or not and applies the appropriate decryption processes. Defined by a license file entry, users can log in to either flavour of the application.
Their viewable experience remains exactly the same across both recent and historic calls.

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Deployment Models

Planet : Single Node
Consists of 2 servers
1 Database Server.
1 Web Server
no Disaster recovery options

Galaxy : Dual Node.
Each node has a web server and a database server with full database replication between the nodes.
Node 1 would normally be a production environment while the second would be a Disaster Recovery site.

Universe : Multi Node
Consists of two or more Galaxy sets.
Provides full database replication across all nodes.
Adding more Galaxy sets allows for multi-region or multi-national deployments.
Each model can be upgraded to the next level and beyond.

Interaction Players

Open possibilities for savings

Interaction Archive Player

Since its initial launch on October 1st 2018 there has been incredible interest in our Archive Player.
Able to play encrypted and unencrypted archived interactions directly from the archive space makes it ideal for large enterprises to reduce their online storage overhead.
Utilizing the Genesys backup and purge feature within GAX or InteractionMLM, administrators are able to move interactions from their production servers while keeping the archived calls in a near production ready status to search and play.
Notes can be saved for each call and can be tagged to download.
An archive of a selected call can be made which contains the audio/video file, associated notes and the original metadata .json file.

Interaction Player

Play calls direct from the GIR. Extracts interaction metadata directly from the GIR. Utilizes the same GUI as the Archive Player.